spring at the watercourse (2022)

15.6x11.2 in ~ Drawing, Ink

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“spring at the watercourse” is an abstract work from the “Dao and Zen” series.
As far as construction is concerned, the image is based on Chinese calligraphy. This is almost always read from top right to the bottom, with the next line starting at the top again.
The objects in the picture, if you want to see them as objects, appear as seen as characters.
In the middle of the picture, you can see a landscape that suggests details both near and far. This is reinforced by the fact that the objects on the top right and bottom right point far into the distance.

These two points lead to the vertical pink line that gives the image a lot of power.

What is always valued is the harmonious coexistence of extremes. In this case: coarse :: fine, movement :: calm, abstract :: concrete, height :: depth, solid :: ethereal etc.
The pictures use Western color techniques and concepts from Asian painting.
Western ink and Indian ink on yupo paper.


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