Art is not a Luxury, but a Necessity
Friedrich Zettl is an Austrian artist who combines Western and Far Eastern art. His works focus on aspects of Asian art, especially traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, and build on them.
Whether it's abstract surrealism, expressionist or gestural painting, they all draw on classical Asian masters of freehand painting and calligraphy, which he has studied for decades. His artworks capture the essence of nature, the beauty of the moment, and the harmony of opposites. His works are available as originals or high-quality prints in various sizes and materials. They can be easily ordered and delivered quickly. He invites you to explore his art portfolio and discover his unique and diverse creations.
ZEN and Dao Paintings
Gestural Painting and Calligraphy
Abstract Surrealism

Being fascinated by Asian culture and art since his childhood, Zettl learned Chinese painting and calligraphy from various masters in China in the late 1970s to mid 1980s. He also practices Zen Buddhism and meditation, which influence his artistic expression and philosophy.

Zettl’s artworks combine traditional and modern elements, as well as Eastern and Western influences. He uses ink, oil, acrylic, and mixed media to create abstract and surreal compositions that reflect his inner vision and emotions. He often incorporates Chinese characters, symbols, and motifs into his paintings, creating a dialogue between language and image. He also experiments with different techniques and materials, such as different kinds of paper or painting media.

Zettl has exhibited his artworks in many countries, including Austria, China, Germany, and Belgium. He has received awards and honors and is also a member of the Austrian-Chinese Friendship Association where he gives lectures on Chinese painting and calligraphy and participates in cultural projects.

Zettl’s artworks are collected by various museums, galleries, and private collectors around the world. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, mainly on his blog: and he hopes to inspire people to appreciate the beauty and diversity of art and culture.

Zettl wrote his dissertation on Chinese freehand-painting.

Art is the Language of the Soul

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